The Progressive New Sport of Surf Kayaking: Beginners Guide

Kayaking has been a favourite water sport of many for so many years. It is great exercise, thrilling fun and a perfect way to get out into the water. But enthusiast and athletes never rest when it comes to changing and improving the sport. And from that drive and passion, Surf Kayaking was born. Using specialised kayaks, riders can move through the waves as if surfing but with a more controlled and intense experience. And this sport isn’t just for surfing fans. Below we will be looking at a how you can get into this sport, whether you are an athlete or fisher.


Whatever you reason for surf kayaking, weather as a sport or if you are looking to engage in some intense fishing, you will need equipment. And the most important piece of equipment is the kayak. So take a look around for some beginner-friendly kayaks for fishing or sport and find one that suits your needs. You will want to take into consideration your weight, transport ease and size. Next, you will want to invest in proper sporting wear. Water suits and shoes to keep your dry and warm during your stint in the water. You’ll want to invest in strong oars as well to make sure you can reliably get through the water.

Reading the Waves

Part of the fun of Surf Kayaking is riding the waves. It provides the thrill and excitement you are after. But there is no use exerting your energy riding out if you are going to get bad waves. So learning how to read the waves is vital. You want to see when the swell is leading to a massive wave and then get your self ready for it. Once you have this mastered you will find your self having a fantastic time as you ride the waves across the blue.


Fishing with a kayak is a great way to get deeper into the schools of fish and increase your chance of a catch. And using a surfing kayak can get you deep into the home of some more difficult to catch fish. By moving through the waves while you fish, you are going to be slap bang in the middle of the fish. This is not for the faint of heart but for those fishers that want a bit more thrill, this is the way to do it. You will need to make sure your fishing equipment is sturdy and can deal with the increased movement.


A large part of surf kayaking is community. The best surfing spots are going to be busy and filled with like-minded individuals who are ready to surf. And nothing improves the experience like meeting up with friends and hitting the waves together. Going a step further it can be useful to find and join a local surf kayak group. Doing this will allow you to take part in pre-arranged surf trips and get hot tips for surf locations and ways to improve your skill. The surf community is a warm, welcoming and friendly one who are always welcoming new people. If you ever have any concerns or need some guidance on what to do, this will be the way to find it.


Surfing, like any sport, is extremely physical. While it is the great exercise itself, you will need to put in some solid groundwork before you can hit the waves. You will need a solid core and strong legs to control your kayak and also a strong upper body and arms to utilise the oars to their full potential. To this end, you will want to make sure you have a regular and consistent exercise regime in place that you can follow regular basis to keep your body in the condition it needs to be to surf. Diet is another aspect of all this that is important. You will want to make sure you are getting plenty of healthy energy into your body, so you aren’t running out of steam while in the water. This could be fatal so make sure you are stocked up before you surf, but let your food digest to avoid cramps.

The 7 Most Charitable Athletes In America

Athletes will be the first to admit that they could not reach the top of their respected sport without a strong team around them. This spirit of teamwork and altruism is showcased through the charity work that they choose to commit to in their private lives. This passage will detail seven of the most charitable American athletes and how they choose to give back.

Lance Armstrong

Though Lance Armstrong may be disgraced as an athlete his work for charity is undeniable. The famous cancer awareness yellow band is one of the most iconic pieces of memorabilia from the 2000s. His charity the Lance Armstrong Foundation has raised 470 million dollars since 1997, this money has been used to help cancer patients pay for their treatment and recovery. The foundation has helped 2.5 million cancer survivors build a bridge back to normality. Outside of the foundation, Lance has auctioned off some of his most cherished personal belongings with proceeds going to charity, even auctioning the shoes he won a Tour de France in for 150 000 dollars.

Serena Williams

Serena Williams is one of the most successful tennis players of all time and maintains this success off the court as well. Williams is currently a UNICEF goodwill ambassador; whose work is perhaps some of the most important throughout the world. Serena has played an instrumental role in the building of schools throughout the continent of Africa.  Serena also founded the Beyond the Boroughs National Scholarship Fund in 2007; which made college a reality for the unfortunate by paying their college tuition fees. Serena has always looked out for her community and is truly a class act.

John Cena

John Cena is perhaps the most recognisable and decorated stars WWE in history, he is currently the face of the company due to his unbelievable charity work. John is the most requested athlete in the Make a Wish Foundation granting over 500 wishes to date. Making time for these wishes despite his unbelievably stacked schedule. John has also been the face of numerous charity organisations; playing an instrumental role in the Susan G. Komen organization; which to date has raised 200 million dollars for the fight against breast cancer. Not only has he been instrumental in raising this money, but he genuinely seems to cherish his roles in these companies.

Lebron James

Lebron James is perhaps the greatest basketball player in NBA history, but even he understands that he could not get there by himself and this community spirit lives on his is private life. Lebron has raised 41 million dollars through his Lebron James foundation; which promises to send 1100 kids through college for free. He is quite humble and quiet about this work, but the fact he has pledged to change the lives of over 1000 children is unbelievable, and the fact he does not shout about this simply highlights his pure motives.

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods is one of the most important golfers in history; for not only did he break into the sport as a black man in a white-dominated sport he became the very best. His foundation aims to help the education, health and welfare of all-American children; with a particular focus on those from lower socio-economic backgrounds. The charity has raised 50 million dollars so far. Highlighting how he is a true great on and off the green.

Ronda Rousey

For a period of time, Rousey was considered to be the best pound for pound fighter in the octogen, and though taking a step back from MMA in recent years she still remains extremely active in her charity work. Donating large sums of money to mental health charities through her foundation.

Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps is the most decorated Olympic athlete of all time; he is simply a living great. Michael is known for giving away large sums of his prize and sponsorship money; even starting his own foundation from a 1 million dollar sponsorship payment. Phelps is constantly popping up at charity events and often goes out of his way to give back to the world.

The final question is do you think this charitable nature is the spirit of Athletes or just common human decency? It must be asked after reading this if you were to win a million dollars would you be the most likely to give it all away or do you think you would keep it all?

Why Games are Just as Good as Sports

People play sports for a number of reasons, whether that’s just as a simple hobby to have fun, to get fit or for socializing reasons. However, with the rise of technology, online games and game consoles; a lot fewer people, especially kids, are not playing sports but rather these video games. There are many reasons why both online and console games are just as good as sports and why it is justified to play them rather than a sport.


Games are just as good as sports due to the fact that they also allow for socialization. Many games that are available to play now have multiplayer options, allowing you to play with your friends or with strangers from all over the world. These games include MMORPG games (massively multiplayer online role-playing games), or simply just the multiplayer aspects of games such as Call of Duty.


There are also consoles that allow for increased activity, rather than just sitting in a chair to play games. The Nintendo Switch is a very popular console that allows for movement, as certain games require you to shake the controls or move around. Furthermore, with the increased popularity of VR, people are often playing games standing up.


Playing games is a great way to keep yourself occupied for hours on end and they are especially helpful if you have bored kids. There are many online games that are available for PC, which can be fun and not too complicated, however if you do get confused there are also many online guides such as, which help to explain games.


Some studies suggest playing video games has a lot of benefits for the mind, especially if played a lot during childhood. These benefits can include improved coordination due to increased mental stimulation, as well as the enhancement of memory and problem-solving skills. The latter is especially true if the game is rule-based or involves a lot of puzzles in order to advance to the next level.


These are just some of the reasons why games are just as good as sports, and why they should not be invalidated as a productive yet enjoyable hobby to have. There are also a lot of mental benefits of games for children and teens, meaning that parents don’t have to worry so much about their kids spending time in front of a screen rather than out playing sports.




The 3 Biggest Sports Charity Fund Raising Events of 2020

Nothing is nobler than charity. And there is no better way to raise money for charity than sporting events. Everything from marathons to sporting competitions. Events like these bring people together and raise money for some important causes. Some are run by official companies, others are often organised by individual communities utilizing all manner of methods to collect. A popular method is selling custom silicone wristbands, like the ones available at

Below are some of the biggest sporting charity events that take place the world over. A variety of different causes, all as deserving as the last, and hordes of brave and selfless people coming together to change the fortune of others.

London Marathon

The London Marathon is always one of the largest, and most successful charity events going. Every year thousands of people come together to raise money for charities of their choice, collecting on their own time. People from all walks of life, each with their own stories and reasons come together to push them selves across England’s capital all in the name of those less fortunate.

Sponsored by Virgin money, the whole city comes to a standstill and watches in awe as the hordes of charity runners take to the street. Many even push them selves and do it in costumes. Everything from Santa to Winnie the Pooh. The London marathon is known the world over for its unique, and colorful assortment of runners.

The Dart 10k Swim

Swimming is a true test of someone’s fortitude. Bracing the cold, rough waters is not for the faint of heart. And doing it all for charity proves how dedicated someone is. The Dart 10k is one of the UK’s longest running charity events. Based in Devon it sees its participants tackling a river that’s length is nearly a third of the channel between France and England.

This is all in aide of raising money for ‘Level-Water’ a charity that specializes in arranging and running swimming lessons for children with disabilities, giving them the opportunity to enjoy one of life’s great passions. Swimming.

Guatemala Impact Marathon

This event is a six-day collective of everything from a sporting marathon to working on community projects. The whole event is run on the edge of an active Guatemalan volcano. Participants may choose which projects they wish to fund raise for and then go above and beyond and work with the communities to improve their conditions.

The event culminates with the chose of a 10Km, 21Km or 42k race through the lava fields of the volcano. Not only is this a great way to raise money and for the participants to push themselves, but it is such a unique and beautiful location for the event to take place. Few can say they have had the privilege to race through lava fields, and all of it in the name of charity too.


The 3 Biggest Football Tournaments Happening in 2021

Football is one of the most popular sports in the world with 5 billion fans spread across all the continents. Due to its popularity, there are hundreds of football events happening globally in 2021, in Europe alone there are 36 professional football tournaments with 950 clubs competing in them. The atmosphere at football tournaments is like no other, it is a fantastic experience with the crowds screaming and chanting for their team, watching your heroes in action, and no doubt making friends in the crowd along the way. We’ve found the 3 biggest football tournaments happening in 2021 which would be the most exciting to attend.


English Premier League

The English Premier League is the highest level of football in England in which 20 qualifying teams all compete for the title. Although it is the English Premier League it is followed by fans worldwide making it easy to keep up with the EPL live scores and match schedule for this season. This tournament is huge selling over 13 million tickets every year, the tickets cost around $32 per match, or you can purchase a season ticket from your favorite club for entry to all their matches for around $550.


FIFA World Cup

This will be the 18th FIFA World Cup and it’s one of the biggest international football tournaments. 24 teams from the 6 continental confederations all compete for the prestigious title, it is hosted in 8 different venues throughout. This tournament only takes place every 4 years and 2.5 million tickets are sold throughout the tournament costing around $110 per match. Germany were the previous winners of the FIFA World Cup in 2017 after beating Chile 1-0 in the final game, this was one of the games with the best atmosphere in the stadium.


UEFA European Football Championship

The EUFA European Football Championship is commonly referred to as ‘The Euros’. This is a tournament between teams in the Union of European Football Associations, the 24 best teams in this union all get to compete. This time is the 16th time it has been held and has a slight difference, usually one country hosts all the games but this time all competing countries will host including famous cities such as Budapest and Amsterdam. Portugal claimed the title in 2016 and will surely be fighting hard to retain it at this tournament next year.

The Greatest Football Teams in the World Ranked!

Football is one of the oldest and most popular sports on the planet. Bringing in millions of viewers all over the world and billions of dollars of revenue, it has one of the strongest worldwide followings of any sport and shows no sign of slowing down. Even with such a long history, the sport has continued to evolve over the years in many ways, with rules being added and changed each year such as the recent addition of Video-Assisted Referees and the composition of each team changing from year to year bringing new tactics changing how the whole game is played. Football being such a diverse and ever-changing sport means it is very hard to track down an objective answer to who the greatest teams are, but here is my personal list of who I think sits at the top of the world in the beautiful game.


Bayern Munich

When thinking of football playing countries, most people tend to think about England, Brazil, Argentina, and generally countries of Portuguese or Spanish descent. Until recently, very few people would point directly at Germany as an example of the best of the best. Don’t get me wrong, they have won 4 world cup titles, considerably more than the country in which the game was incepted and they have always kept their own. But more recently they have given birth to Jurgen Klopp, who is widely regarded as one of the best managers in the world. The country has also fostered Bayern Munich, an absolutely unstoppable team that has been storming competition after competition and are making considerable waves in the football world with tight, new formations and a lust to conquer the world, making them one of the finest teams in the world.



Liverpool had a string of terrible years over the last few decades and has been consistently outclassed by many of the more traditionally strong English teams. The last few years, however, have been success after success for this team under their new manager. Last season they went undefeated for 18 games straight and won the premier league outright several games before the league was over, an almost unheard of feat in the league’s history. With incredibly talented players such as Mo Salah with his pitch runs and James Milner who has one of the most premier league appearances of any player. All of this, combined with their success in other leagues locally and internationally, definitely secures them the spot of the second greatest team in the world, with room for them to climb to the top.


Paris Saint-Germain

Heading back to Europe, Paris’ team has been rising much like the others on this list, from fairly humble origins to world-class, league-defining feats bringing them and their country back into the big leagues and bringing an incredible amount of variety into the international game. I would say they are followed closely by Manchester City and the old world champions Real Madrid, but Paris has something special that definitely brings them to the forefront of the world.


In this hugely international sport becoming bigger and bigger by the day from the USA to Japan, it is incredibly difficult to try and rank all of the best teams, especially since there are regional playstyles which make teams almost incomparable even in the same sport. So if you are wondering why I haven’t mentioned Barcelona or AC Milan, this is just a list of who I think are currently the greatest teams in the world, and part of this is from the huge and still growing momentum of the above teams, showing that they all have the potential to become leagues better, unlike many other teams who may be amazing, but who are not developing nearly as fast.

Why Soccer is Considered the Greatest Sport On Earth

The sporting world is a varied industry, with thousands of different sporting events taking place all over the world throughout the year. However, a common opinion within this industry would be that soccer is the greatest sport of them all due to the thousands of soccer fans and followers that attend the game on a yearly basis. With such a large sports fan base all over the world, there are many benefits that come with having a universally loved sport like soccer, many would say that there is huge value in the community spirit that is formed through the sport that cannot be found anywhere else. There are many other reasons that could contribute to the bold claim of soccer being the greatest sport in the world, including providing regular exercise as well as being a great place for social interaction.



One of the most significant benefits of taking part in any competitive sport would have to be improving the health of those who choose to take part in it. Soccer in particular can be a hard workout which requires a lot of stamina in order to be able to play effectively, with this in mind the popularity of soccer allows millions of people all around the world to have a good workout. Soccer required players to be active for a significant period of time, this requires professional players to lead a healthy lifestyle and follow a strict exercise and diet regimes, playing the sport regularly builds endurance and encourages a high level of skill and health to train the body to the best of its ability. Soccer could be considered one of the best sports on Earth due to the simple fact that it is highly beneficial in terms of fitness.


Generating Community

Although fitness is a very useful benefit for those who play soccer, being a fan of the sport also comes with its own positives as it is a strong generator of community spirit when played professionally. The fan bases of professional soccer teams are comparable to no other sport, millions of people pay significant amounts of money every year to be able to watch their favorite soccer teams play in their league. With so many fans it is common to see a strong sense of community amongst the different team’s fans, this community spirit allows for new social interactions and could even form valuable friendships and relationships.


Childhood Development

Soccer could also be considered one of the best sports in the world due to the impact it can have amongst young people, the rate for memberships with soccer teams for young people has definitely seen a huge increase in recent years. Childhood soccer teams have also proven to be effective methods of encouraging the value of exercise which I’m sure we can all agree is exceptionally useful.  Something to remember prior to sending your child to their first match would be to make sure you get the right gear for your soccer practice, different teams will require different equipment so ensuring your child has everything they need is vital.


Competitive Sporting

Playing competitive sports is a great career, it provides a solid income, team motivational skills, and a drive for success. Soccer is viewed as one of the greatest sports on earth due to the high profile nature of the industry and the revenue it can generate, in small rural areas of the world the professional soccer industry can provide a lifeline in the form of tourism and wealth for your home town. The combination of business and sports has created careers for many people allowing them to lead a successful life.

How to Oil and Maintain Your Bike Properly

There are few pleasures in the world sweeter than a calm bike ride through a quiet town on a lovely summer evening. But nothing can ruin this perfect cycle quicker than your chain catching or the bike being a slog to cycle due to poorly maintained wheels.

So, we are briefly going to explain how to properly oil and maintain your bike. So that you can stay on the road longer.



The first thing you need is a proper bike lubricant or bike oil. The name depends on the branding on the product but they work the same.  Generally, stores like Halfords or bikize will have everything you need.

The next step is to put your bike on a stand or rest it up against a wall, with the chain facing outwards. What you want to do is get the oil into all the little crevices. Make sure not to use lots all at once. Add it slowly and cycle the chain through as you do.



There are a few things you need to check regularly on your bike. The main one being the tire pressure and quality. You can use a simple pressure gauge or, to keep it simple, just check the firmness of the tire by giving it a squeeze. It should be firm, yet ever so slightly squishy. Enough to allow the bike to ride properly.

You will also want to make sure the connectors for the wheels are oiled and free of rust. It can be worth getting some limescale cleaner to tackle the rust and just generally clean the bike regularly while you are oiling it.

Lastly, make sure the seat is attached firmly and the cushioning is still comfortable. Nothing is worse than a bad seat while going for a long cycle.

Sports Health: Why Wearing the Right Gear is Important

No matter your age, experience, or skillset, there is a sport out there for everyone. Whether you’re the kind of person who wants to go all out with their fitness or you’re just looking for more fun activities to fill up your days, sports offer up an awesome balance of fun and fitness. With the unbelievable number of sports out there, you’ll be sure to find the perfect one for you. But, once you do, you’ll probably want to start investing more in equipment and gear to help you improve at your chosen sport and ensure you’re getting the most out of it. While you don’t always need to spend all of your money on the newest, most expensive, and flashiest gear, it is probably worthwhile investing in some decent quality items. If you’re still unsure of whether you should invest in some proper gear, here’s a list of reasons why we feel wearing the right gear is important when you plan on spending a lot of time on your chosen sport.

Enhance Your Performance

Choosing the right gear for your sport may seem like a confusing task, but with some research, you’ll soon discover all of the benefits of the right gear. But don’t just take our word for it, you can find all kinds of articles online for more specific benefits on particular types of gear, like this article on the importance of compression socks for all kinds of cardio-related sports, The right gear is designed to enhance your performance in your chosen sport, whether it’s lighter gear for fast-paced sports or a durable pair of boots for a lengthy hike, there are plenty of reasons why so many recommend wearing the right gear. It can make all the difference when you have what you need. You don’t want to be stuck with a faulty gear, especially if your chosen sport is a bit more on the dangerous side.

It Should Keep You Safe

One of the most important reasons you should trust in investing in the right good quality gear for your sport is that the gear is made by professionals. Most high-quality gear is made by both scientists and people with an in-depth knowledge of the particular sport. They work together to ensure that you can be both safe and successful in your sport. We are lucky to live in a time where designers have had years to perfect their sports gear.

As long as you do your research beforehand, you’ll be sure to find the perfect gear for you. If you’re unsure of how to use it, just head down to your local sports store and ask for a demonstration. Sports shops like Decathlon offer all types of gear for pretty much any sport you can think of and what’s more, the store assistants should have a decent amount of knowledge on a number of sports. So if you have any questions, the store assistants should be more than happy to help you – even happier if you end up buying!

Probably the most important reason you should invest in the right gear is that it is designed to keep you safe. It is made with years of knowledge and experience to ensure your best quality performance. It is important to research the right gear as with this newfound knowledge, there are now different types of gear for each sport, all with different benefits. You want to make sure your gear is enhancing the features you’re hoping to. You don’t want to end up with the wrong type of fishing rod or even worse the wrong type of harness.

Great Gift Ideas for Serious Sports Fans

Buying a gift for the sports fan in your life can be both a blessing and a curse, although you have a category of great gifts to buy from, knowing exactly what gift to be can be a struggle if you are unaware of the kit they already own, or the good brands to buy from. My advice would be to look at pieces of their kit that could do with an upgrade, by doing this you know that they will use the gift as it is something they already own just better.



A solid pair of footwear is a great gift for sports fans, with many unique retailers out there a reasonably priced pair of sports footwear can be found relatively easily. Trainers would be great for sports fans as they are always using them, with such regular use trainers can easily undergo damages as a result of wear and tear, this means it is likely your loved one would really appreciate an upgrade in this department. Finding the right pair for the right sports fan can be tricky, so why not use a shoe recommendation page such as The Shoes Reviews to aid you in your purchase.

Sports Equipment.

Another practical gift choice for sports fans would have to be sports equipment, for the serious sports competitors having a high quality set of equipment is vital when it comes to professional grade performance. Buying a backup or upgraded piece of sports equipment makes for a great gift for sports fans, this not only helps them with how they play but just shows your support of their sporting journey.


Sports fans can never have enough workout apparel, buying a nice set of high quality workout clothes is a great gift you know is going to get used on a regular basis. With so many retailers now coming out with their own ranges of workout wear there are many styles and designs to choose from so you can find something that is really going to make your loved one stand out.

Tickets to a Sports Event.

For many sports fans it can be a very surreal experience visiting to see competitors play their favorite sports. From football to tennis both matches offer a fun and different atmosphere, with so many like minded sports fans all in one environment visiting a professional sports match would definitely be a gift that was remembered for a long time. Although it can be more on the pricier side buying your sports fan tickets to a sports event could be such a memorable experience.

Gift Vouchers.

When all else fails and you’re worried about buying an unwanted gift, you could always resort to buying gift vouchers for your loved ones favorite sports retailers. Sports Direct and JD are just some of the places vouchers are available so your sports fan is able to purchase their gift themselves. By doing this you know for sure they are going to get something they will use and provides the opportunity to make a shopping trip !

How to Train for Your First Bike Road Race

Fix Your Diet

Before you even think of getting on the bike, you need to perfect your diet. It is important to consume foods that are abundant in healthy fats and protein. This would obviously include plain chicken and vegetables like spinach. The one food that every cyclist swears by though is nuts. You name it peanuts, almonds or hazelnuts. They are filled with so much protein that will give you the energy for any cycle. The perfect little snack.

Condition your body

A second important factor pre-race is conditioning your body. It is important you realise just how grueling a sport road cycling is. So, before you get on the bike some high altitude training would be a really good idea. As it will help you improve your VO2 max. Which is the amount of oxygen you can intake in one breath. Your body needs to be ready to go through complete hell so before any race you need the right conditioning.

Buy the right bike

For a first bike it is probably a good idea to try buy under $1000, I would highly recommend the Giant Contend SL1 which comes in at $999. The bike has a fully carbon fiber frame and gears, meaning the bike comes in at only 10 kilograms. The bike is known for its superb handling, and is extremely reliable. The bike is also perfect for any new riders as it is known for its comfort. This will make your grueling first rides so much easier.

Make the bike right for you

This is absolutely key to your performance and will set you apart from the competition. You need to buy the right racing bike parts for your performance. This will come as you get to know your bike and its limitations. Especially when it comes to your first race you will most likely come against other new riders. In these early races every second counts, and the tiniest of modifications can make the biggest of differences.

Practice makes perfect

Once you have got your bike right you simply need to get on it. Replace your bus journey or your car ride with your bike, you need to become one with your bike. Try find challenging routes or find notable practice areas. It is important to keep variation in your routine. As this will maintain a freshness in your bike riding and help widen your skill set, you want to be a true utility kit of a rider.

Race yourself

It is important to keep yourself driven and no one is a better motivator than yourself. Try keep your own time and your own splits. In early riding it will be extremely difficult to find a pre-established rider to race against. Seeing your own improvements will drive you and keep you focused. This will again keep the sport of bike riding interesting. It is said the road bike riding is the loneliest sport in the wold, so it is important to keep this individual energy from day one.

Choose the right race

Now your body is ready, your bike is ready and your mind is ready; it is finally the big choice you need to pick the right race. Examine your own performance and decide what your biggest strengths and weaknesses are, and which race course will give you the greatest chances of using your strengths. You may take this next point as a joke, but in your decision it may be a good idea to pick a race with a good amount of prize money. This will not only give you a nice reward, but keep you motivated in those cold winter months.