It can often seem when playing basketball that there is a biological ceiling, and base talent can only take you so far. This is not true and if you follow these tips you will be well on your way to becoming a better player.

Study the Game

If you are not the tallest or fastest of players, it is important that you improve your in-game IQ this could be by watching professionals and analysing their decision making or getting someone to record you playing and then study your own decision making. This in-game intelligence will affect your decision making and positioning, improvements will make you a smarter player on the pitch.


Basketball is a game of margins and the only way to sure up these margins is through persistent practice. Whether its practicing your free throw or your lay-up, practice in these areas will make you a more reliable player on the pitch, especially in the technical areas of the game.

Hit the Gym

You can only practice these technical areas so far, it is important that you have the physical fitness to back it up. When going to the gym try not focus on your glamour muscles as preferable as that may seem but focus on your aerobic fitness by getting on the cycling and rowing machines, this is a game of physical fitness and improvements to your engine will allow you to motor around the pitch with greater ease.


It came out recently that LeBron James, arguably the worlds greatest basketball player, spends nearly 1.5 million dollars on his nutrition and well-being. You should start to think that if it is good enough for LeBron then it is good enough for you, so when focussing on your diet try cut down on bad fats and sugars and try follow a healthier lifestyle. Your body is a temple so treat it with respect, and good results will follow.

Take Risks on the Pitch

The difference between a good player and a great player is all in the risks you take, if you are feeling comfortable in your game then instead of going for the safe pass every time take a risk look for something more imaginative. This will help you stand out on the pitch and if you have been following the tips from above your athleticism and on-pitch IQ should be able to keep you safe.