How to Oil and Maintain Your Bike Properly

There are few pleasures in the world sweeter than a calm bike ride through a quiet town on a lovely summer evening. But nothing can ruin this perfect cycle quicker than your chain catching or the bike being a slog to cycle due to poorly maintained wheels.

So, we are briefly going to explain how to properly oil and maintain your bike. So that you can stay on the road longer.



The first thing you need is a proper bike lubricant or bike oil. The name depends on the branding on the product but they work the same.  Generally, stores like Halfords or bikize will have everything you need.

The next step is to put your bike on a stand or rest it up against a wall, with the chain facing outwards. What you want to do is get the oil into all the little crevices. Make sure not to use lots all at once. Add it slowly and cycle the chain through as you do.



There are a few things you need to check regularly on your bike. The main one being the tire pressure and quality. You can use a simple pressure gauge or, to keep it simple, just check the firmness of the tire by giving it a squeeze. It should be firm, yet ever so slightly squishy. Enough to allow the bike to ride properly.

You will also want to make sure the connectors for the wheels are oiled and free of rust. It can be worth getting some limescale cleaner to tackle the rust and just generally clean the bike regularly while you are oiling it.

Lastly, make sure the seat is attached firmly and the cushioning is still comfortable. Nothing is worse than a bad seat while going for a long cycle.

Great Gift Ideas for Serious Sports Fans

Buying a gift for the sports fan in your life can be both a blessing and a curse, although you have a category of great gifts to buy from, knowing exactly what gift to be can be a struggle if you are unaware of the kit they already own, or the good brands to buy from. My advice would be to look at pieces of their kit that could do with an upgrade, by doing this you know that they will use the gift as it is something they already own just better.



A solid pair of footwear is a great gift for sports fans, with many unique retailers out there a reasonably priced pair of sports footwear can be found relatively easily. Trainers would be great for sports fans as they are always using them, with such regular use trainers can easily undergo damages as a result of wear and tear, this means it is likely your loved one would really appreciate an upgrade in this department. Finding the right pair for the right sports fan can be tricky, so why not use a shoe recommendation page such as The Shoes Reviews to aid you in your purchase.

Sports Equipment.

Another practical gift choice for sports fans would have to be sports equipment, for the serious sports competitors having a high quality set of equipment is vital when it comes to professional grade performance. Buying a backup or upgraded piece of sports equipment makes for a great gift for sports fans, this not only helps them with how they play but just shows your support of their sporting journey.


Sports fans can never have enough workout apparel, buying a nice set of high quality workout clothes is a great gift you know is going to get used on a regular basis. With so many retailers now coming out with their own ranges of workout wear there are many styles and designs to choose from so you can find something that is really going to make your loved one stand out.

Tickets to a Sports Event.

For many sports fans it can be a very surreal experience visiting to see competitors play their favorite sports. From football to tennis both matches offer a fun and different atmosphere, with so many like minded sports fans all in one environment visiting a professional sports match would definitely be a gift that was remembered for a long time. Although it can be more on the pricier side buying your sports fan tickets to a sports event could be such a memorable experience.

Gift Vouchers.

When all else fails and you’re worried about buying an unwanted gift, you could always resort to buying gift vouchers for your loved ones favorite sports retailers. Sports Direct and JD are just some of the places vouchers are available so your sports fan is able to purchase their gift themselves. By doing this you know for sure they are going to get something they will use and provides the opportunity to make a shopping trip !

The 7 Most Beautiful Football Stadiums on Earth

Football itself is a phenomenal sport, and it seems suitable that it is played on equally beautiful pitches.

Soccer City

Soccer City in South Africa is a fabulously built stadium, the exterior is curved, almost puddle-like. Tiled with darker tiles and leading more into burgundy as it reaches the top. The interior is laden with darker orange seats. The Astro Turf with that amazing contrast between the orange and the green. The beauty is then magnified at night when the lights are on, the color difference between the dark night to colorful stadium is something to behold.

The Maracanã

The Maracanã has the benefit of being in an equally fabulous City, Rio de Janeiro, built in 1950 the amazing spherical design has boasted hosting the 2014 world cup and then the Olympics in 2016, that double whammy in two years shows the inherent attractiveness of this stadium, looking extra exciting when fireworks explode from the rims of the roof. The city backdrop compliments it with the varying shape. With the circles in contrast to the rectangular skyscrapers.

Pancho Arena

Hungary has a lovely stadium in the form of the Pancho Arena it has seating to satisfy 4,500 spectators and a unique arch of wooden curves. It was designed by the architect Imre Makovetz. The nature of the design portrays the feelings of being inside an educational institute or something of a more religious nature. This is a younger building opening in 2014 in Magyar city. The pitch is perfectly landscaped, if you’re looking for something of this nature this landscaping service is perfect.


One of the older stadiums, it opened in 1923 and it stood the test of time before being refurbished in 2007. Far bigger than the previous, this mega stadium can hold 90,000 people. It is also notably tall also clocking in at 134 meters high. This stadium is truly “The Home of Football” in the UK.

Estádio Municipal de Aveiro

Tomas Taveira was the mind behind this building, its colorful combination of red and light orange, it has a lego like feel for those who strive for youth. There is a suspension which means that rather than solid wall there is space between the base and the roof, giving an individual feel to the stadium. This large block-like structure has the space to seat 30,000 people.

Bird’s Nest

China are a lot of things if not creative, the exterior of this has a curved edge, with the outside not being completely whole, shapely designs light up behind the interior giving that extra bit of magic. The exterior is littered with trees and green foliage that switch up the colour palette also.

Svangaskard Stadium

This is a less well-known locale for a stadium, but this quirky Stadium is located on the Faroe Islands in the small village of Toftir. It has the benefit of being simple and small only holding 6,000 punters setting it aside from the other complex stadiums.



Sports You Can Play While Drinking Beer with Your Buddies

There is nothing better than a little competitive sport while having a few beers with your friends. It adds a little flavor to your night in and makes the drinking a little more interesting.  Here are a few games you can play while drinking beer with some friends.



Everyone loves darts, it’s a classic pub game that everyone can get involved in. You don’t have to be good at the game to enjoy it , but if you don’t want to be heckled by your friends, it would help if you were.  Darts can always make drinks entertaining, you have the opportunity to put a few bets on the game or make your friend that keeps missing the board take a couple of shots. This isn’t just a game that is good at the pub, but it’s something that is affordable to buy and use at home. You can put it in any room, or even outside if you’re worried about hitting a wall.  Make sure you’re careful when playing though as you are playing with sharp objects. As a general rule, if your friend is struggling to stand up, you should probably not hand them a dart.



If you go to any pub you are likely to find a pool table, some people even have them at home. Undoubtedly pool is one of the most commonly played games among drinkers and for the small price of around 50 cents, you can get a good half an hour of game play. This is a game that can also include a big group, so nobody will be left out.  There is nothing better than playing this team in games as you can build even stronger relationships with your friends, or watch your relationships crumble as you lose and blame one another. Once again there is the opportunity to bet and make the game a little interesting. It’s also very low risk, you don’t have to worry about any of your drunk friends getting hurt during the game and is something that the rest of the customers in the pub will be watching with eagle eyes. Who doesn’t love pub grub too? If you’re there at the right time you’ll have the opportunity to tuck into some carb filled meals while sipping a few beers with your friends.


Mini Golf

Something that is growing in popularity among drinkers is mini golf. There have been thousands of mini golf courses opening all around the UK alone and many of them encourage you to get very drunk. The courses usually have a several interesting themes, from sex to retro. There is likely one close to where you live and will be a fun evening for yourself and your friends and is a good change from a night at the pub or sitting at home. Surprisingly, they’re also very reasonably priced, especially if you go in a large group. They’re definitely something you should look into. You don’t even have to travel if you want a game of mini golf. As long as you have the room inside your house or in your garden, you can set up your own minigolf course. This may even be funner as it means you have to use a bit of creativity and put together your own course using household objects.


10 Pin Bowling

One of the more classic activities to do while having a few beers is heading to the bowling alley. They sell incredibly cheap pitchers of beer which you and your friends can lap up. Bowling is again a sport where you don’t need to be good to have fun. In fact, it’s better when you’re bad at the game- there’s nothing entertaining about everyone doing well. Not every bowling alley offers the same  experience so it may be worth looking around for ones that suit your needs, to do this you could also look on aboutbowlingballs. Another appealing thing about 10 pin bowling is the bowling alley food. After a few beers everybody craves some food to indulge in and bowling alleys usually have a variety of pizzas and burgers. If you fancy something sweet they’ll also cater to this, with plenty of vending machines to choose from.